How to Disinfect Viruses In General Santos (Gensan)

How to Disinfect Viruses In General Santos (Gensan)

Bacteria are single-cell organisms that can live without a host (your body!). Most bacteria do not make a human sick, in fact, a lot of types of bacteria are very beneficial to us and help our bodies remain healthy.

Viruses in General Santos (Gensan) City, on the other hand, are much smaller than bacteria and require a host to survive. They cannot survive for long outside the body.It is harder for modern medicine to treat viruses and most importantly ANTIBIOTICS DON’T KILL VIRUSES!

Disinfecting virus in General Santos (Gensan) City is known to be one of the most effective ways to fight bacteria and viruses. What is great about disinfectants is that they are capable of killing all types of bacteria and viruses immediately, especially this would help Covid 19 disinfection in General Santos (Gensan).

You also need to know where to disinfect first in your home or office as this are the first line where you can get and spread viruses;

  • Door knobs (don’t forget the front door, and any handles on cabinets!)
  • Hardware such as faucets and their knobs
  • Handles—on the fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, etc.—and drawer pulls
  • Pens and keyboards
  • Phones
  • Stair handrails
  • Toilet handles and seats
  • Steering wheel in your vehicles, don’t forget the door handles inside and out
  • On/off switches
  • Remote controls
  • Windows

Use Virus disinfectant in General Santos (Gensan) at your home like rubbing alcohol, let it stay for 2 minutes before you wipe the surfaces that you are disinfecting, Chlorine bleach is especially valuable as a disinfectant, since germs are not able to develop immunity against it.

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