About Go Forward Pest Control

Our History

Go Forward Manpower & Allied Services was founded on October 14, 2009. It has started its operation as a Manpower provider. After 5 years of operations, the company has decided to venture into pest control service and pest control product distribution business.

Our Mission

Our mission in Go Forward is to provide excellent & refined service in every assets of our clients, we strive not only in performance but into building satisfaction with caring relationship to our customers. We are devoted to help you meet the needs of your concerns, for that we strongly protect what is valuable to you & that is health & properties. In quality we serve the very best in competitive products in goods & services. We are Go Forward protecting your health & properties!

Our Certifications & Qualifications

  • Follows IPM (integrated pest management) protocol
  • Only FDA approve products are used
  • Clients will be provided with sanitation certificate or clearance for the local government requirements in renewal & new opened business establishments
  • Philgeps qualified bidders in the Philippines
  • FDA & FPA approve company & chemicals used
  • Certified quality service & maintenance program which has given our clients the best experience in taking good care of their properties & health (for more details in our services, we can provide companies & establishments that we already serve)
  • 17 years in the Pest control industry handling technical and numbers of top management positions from a big Pest Control Company.
  • Has been a pest control Resource Speaker for 5 consecutive years for National Pest Control Organization
  • Has serve as Pest Control Consultant for National Pest Control Organization
  • Has been conducting Pest Control seminars and Orientations, including Dengue Mosquito control of various companies and other institutions and professionals
  • IPM practitioner