Coronavirus Disinfection Solution in General Santos (Gensan)

Disinfection solution in General Santos (Gensan)

There are a lot of things we don’t know about this virus, but we do know it spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Other persons may be infected when they touch a surface that has virus elements on it and then touch their own mouth, nose, or eyes. Hand wash is the very best weapon in any fight between human and contagious disease.

To help you more clean and safe from Virus disinfectant in General Santos (Gensan) you need to disinfect its surrounding areas, before buying disinfectant in any supermarkets, you also need to know these level of disinfectant;

  • Low-Level Disinfectants are EPA-registered hospital disinfectants that are effective for vegetative bacteria, most fungi, and most viruses.
  • Intermediate-Level Disinfectants are EPA-registered hospital disinfectants that are effective against TB, vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses, and some may have spore claims.
  • High-Level Disinfectants fall under EPA jurisdiction. They are effective against TB, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and some, but not all, spores.

Switching from all-purpose or general cleaners to EPA-registered disinfectants will help prevent the spread of pathogens while following strict disinfection procedures.

Increased frequency of cleaning with disinfectants in high traffic areas is an additional measure you can take to help protect your facility and occupants.

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