Coronavirus Covid 19 Disinfection in Boracay

Corona virus Covid 19 disinfection in Boracay

Coronaviruses in Boracay City are mainly transmitted by large respiratory droplets and direct or indirect contact with infected secretions.
Cleaning and decontamination should only be performed by staff trained in the use of the appropriate PPE and infection prevention and control procedures.

A virus needs a host – living cells – to reproduce: so don’t rub your eyes, or touch your mouth or any wounds if your hands are not clean. Keep your hands clear until you have access to gel or can wash them. Rinsing thoroughly is key to washing away any viruses. Dry your hands well with a disposable towel, then use that towel to turn off the tap before throwing it away.

In case of Corona virus disinfection in Boracay emergency, it is advisable to clean all areas but apply disinfectant ONLY on surfaces/items with direct contact with person having presented COVID-19 symptoms.

A professional should have knowledge of how to prepare correct Disinfection solution in Boracay and the contact time for the disinfectant being used, be familiarized with the appropriate disposal of contaminated PPE, hands must be washed using soap and warm water for a sufficient period of time (20 to 30 seconds) to remove any infectious material.

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