Car Cleaning Services

With the COVID-19 epidemic looming, we’ve turned our cars into a protective bubble as we venture out into the city. You just finished cleaning your house from the virus, germs, and bacteria, and now you have to clean your car. However, many individuals go in and out of cars throughout the day, and they don’t sanitize routinely touched areas where bacteria can hide. If you drive or own a car, it’s even more critical to maintain it clean to prevent the virus from spreading. Because of the many types of surfaces and the numerous nooks and gaps, disinfecting a car can be more challenging than disinfecting a home. Vehicle surfaces are also not designed to resist a constant barrage of harsh cleaning agents, and if cleaned too frequently, they will deteriorate.

When was the last time you had your car professionally cleaned? Now is the time to contact top car cleaning services in Davao City, where highly trained employees will make your life easy. Deep cleaning and disinfection of your vehicle can be very beneficial to you and your family. Sedan (deep clean) P2500, Sedan disinfection P500, Van/SUV deep clean P3500, Van/SUV disinfection P600 are our rates. Go Forward Pest Control is more than simply cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle; we also provide other services that may be helpful to you. We provide sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, carpet cleaning, and bed cleaning services in Davao, and we have the best and perhaps most experienced professionals that can assist you with your vehicle’s cleaning and disinfecting services.

Sedan (deep clean)


Sedan (disinfection)


Van / SUV (deep clean)


Van / SUV (disinfection)