Car Cleaning Services

Car Cleaning Services

With the COVID-19 epidemic looming, our cars have become protective bubbles as we venture out into the city. You’ve cleaned your house, now it’s time to clean your car. Many people go in and out of cars throughout the day, neglecting to sanitize touched areas where bacteria can hide. Regular car cleaning is crucial to prevent the virus from spreading.

Maintaining a clean car is challenging due to various surfaces and nooks. Disinfecting a car can be tougher than a home, and vehicle surfaces aren’t designed for constant harsh cleaning. Cleaning your car too frequently can lead to deterioration.

When was your car professionally cleaned? Contact top car cleaning services in Davao City for a deep clean and disinfection. Our highly trained staff will make your life easy. Sedan (deep clean) P2500, Sedan disinfection P500, Van/SUV deep clean P3500, Van/SUV disinfection P600 are our rates.

Go Forward Pest Control offers more than just car cleaning. We provide sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, carpet cleaning, and bed cleaning services in Davao. Our experienced professionals can assist you with your vehicle’s cleaning and disinfecting services.

Ensure your safety on the road with our top-notch car cleaning services in Davao. We focus on eliminating germs and bacteria, providing you with a healthy and safe driving experience. Trust Go Forward Pest Control for reliable and efficient car cleaning services in Davao City. Don’t compromise on your well-being – choose our expert car cleaning services to keep your vehicle spotless and sanitized.

Sedan (deep clean)


Sedan (disinfection)


Van / SUV (deep clean)


Van / SUV (disinfection)